About Us

For over 40 years, SERVICE ASSURANCE has presented more people to paddling than most likely other kayak maker.

In truth, we originated the plastic kayak, which started a surge in the sport beyond what we ever would have dreamed then. And much like us, those that have actually known us all those years love the sport of paddling in its purest and most easy type. Then there are those just learning more about us. We’re all aiming to stabilize today’s pressures on personal time, family time, and work. At SERVICE ASSURANCE, our company believe now’s the time to start considering how you or your family is going to fill those valuable pages of your image album.

Practically anybody that paddles understands the SERVICE ASSURANCE name and its storied history. We’re thrilled to move into the future with a lot more development and the reputable quality that everybody has actually concerned anticipate. Now, more than ever, it’s time for you to find (or rediscover) the idea that has actually kept us popular all these years. Our kayaks in some way use the best experiences you’ll experience, yet bring the simpleness to life all of us desire a lot.

You’ll be impressed at how simpleness can make things so fascinating.