About Us
Our Roots
We have deep roots in greater Memphis, having proudly served the business community since 1989. From humble beginnings to one of the largest and most trusted IT providers in the Mid-South, we attribute our success to 5 key factors:
  • We have the largest and most experienced engineering and customer service staff in the region
  • We are customer centric in everything we do
  • We operate with a high sense of urgency and purpose
  • We have invested in enterprise-class equipment in our data center and own our infrastructure
  • We operate the only true in-house non-outsourced 7x24x365 service desk in greater Memphis

In addition, we are active members of several prestigious national IT groups who share best practices, trends and resources on a quarterly basis. This keeps us sharp and on the cutting edge of technology giving you access to world-class resources and talent right here in the Bluff City.

Here's a timeline that details how our company has grown with changes in technology over the past 20 years:

1989 – Founded in Memphis, Tenn.

1991 – Sold midrange business in an effort to move into the PC market. Rapidly changing technology forced the company to learn to adapt.

Early to mid-1990s –The advent of the Internet and the more common use of cellular phones also allowed the company to grow and reach new consumers who had previously been unfamiliar with computer technology.

1999-2000 – Y2K "scare" prompted Service Assurance to ramp up business preparedness and disaster recovery products and services. Y2K came and went without any problems, but it enabled the company to evolve and better serve its clients.

Sept. 11, 2001 – On a day that left a mark on American history, Service Assurance and many other small businesses in the technology industry were forced to re-think the way they "did" disaster preparedness. It began a period of trying economic times for businesses across the country, but it also allowed Service Assurance to refine its offerings and business model to grow and adapt.

2004 – Handheld devices really began to take off with information traveling faster than ever before. Service Assurance helped its employees address consumer needs faster than ever, as well. The proliferation of mobile technology changed the way our customers communicated, and it changed the way we delivered service to them in many ways.

2003-2005 – "Hurricane Elvis" in Memphis and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans devastated regions of the South, prompting Service Assurance to offer PackRat – a data backup and recovery service that enables clients to safely and securely store key information off-site, safeguarding them against infrastructural damage at their place of business.

2008-2009 – Similar to the country at large, Service Assurance has undergone many changes to become the company it is today. We've formed new partnerships to help us provide unparalleled services and solutions to our clients. Our company launched WatchIT in 2008 to provide customers with a cost-effective alternative to IT solutions and management. For a fixed monthly fee, our customers were then able to rely on Service Assurance to proactively oversee and operate their IT systems.

2010 and Beyond – Service Assurance continues to show companies how they can maximize IT to drive innovation and growth in their businesses. As the environment continues to change, Service Assurance continues to evolve as the trusted advisor to CEOs all over the country – offering true visibility into their IT budget.

Call (901) 382-2500 today. Or send us an email: sales@sacorp.net