Our Services

SERVICE ASSURANCE provides free, weekly canoe trips on the Upper Iowa River. Transport and canoes/kayaks are offered. The around 1– 1.5 hour float is suggested to be a brief, simple way for getting as lots of people on the river as possible.Whether you are knowledgeable or not at canoeing, we welcome you to join us. A SERVICE ASSURANCE staff member will canoe in addition to the group.

Canoe & Kayak Checkouts

Students can take a look at any of the 5 canoes and 8 kayaks totally free! Workers can take a look at devices for just $10.00 a day per kayak/canoe. Discount rates are looked for both extended checkouts and bigger amounts of devices. We even have a trailer that you can use to carry them if you have a vehicle with a 2-inch ball drawback.

We will call you relating to schedule and pick-up at the time of your appointment.