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Smart executives know that operating a business without access to critical informationis a prescription for failure. A clear understanding of your Information Technology is essential. Yet, many companies don't have a handle on theirIT strategy and existing infrastructure.
Most executives realize that technology is crucial to the operation and success of their businesses, but admit that the state of their IT systems is less than optimal.

What You Get
Service Assurance will deliver a comprehensive 30-page report of your IT strategy and infrastructure. This analysis will document essential findings related to data management and virtualization, server security, networking, storage management, client management, identification, access, information protection and control, and IT process and compliance.

  • Clear data and analysis
  • Userful, actionable information
  • Strengths, weaknesses and potentially dangerous exposures
  • Direct IT value impacts to your organization
  • Detailed recommendations
  • Valuable industry benchmarks
  • Next steps
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