We deliver peace of mind.
Through the use of state-of-the-art tools and software, our team of world-class experts increase efficiency and reduce costs. In fact, many of our hotel clients experience a decrease in annual IT expenses while ensuring a predictable monthly rate!

Successfully owning and operating a hotel is fraught with daily challenges including guest relations, consistency of service, staff scheduling, personnel matters, increasing occupancy rates, last minute cancellations, billing disputes, potential security breaches, and on and on. There's no question that you have a lot of issues and concerns to deal with.But there's one aspect of running your hotels you don't need to worry about—Information Technology. With Service Assurance, your IT infrastructure and support won't add to your headaches.

That's because our industry leading Watch IT 24/7 Managed Services for the hospitality industry deliver peace of mind. You see, unlike other IT providers we understand hospitality operations and technology—and match that technology to your specific needs and objectives.

Your property information and mission critical data are completely secure with encrypted communications. And if you need assistance, our experienced Help Desk Support team is always available to respond quickly to your needs.
We understand that the performance of your networks and servers is crucial to the success of your hotels. With Watch IT 24/7 Managed Services from Service Assurance you can finally focus on the profitability of your core business. We keep a keen eye on your IT so you can focus on what matters most to you.

* Results will vary based on your actual IT infrastructure and environment.

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