You have enough to worry about.
Let Service Assurance handle the IT details. Whether it's replacing old departmental desktops, an enterprise-wide hardware refresh, or a major upgrade involving IT architecture and design, Service Assurance takes the stress out of IT with proven networking and infrastructure solutions. We have the engineering team to provide as much or as little expertise as you need.

Our methodology, which has helped thousands of companies since 1989, is a field-tested process that includes:

Network Assessment
Running a business is challenging. Trying to operate it without access to critical information is impossible. To be competitive in today's business environment a clear understanding of your Information Technology is essential. Only our IT 360 network assessment provides the much- needed perspective to executives in three key areas:

CEO Baseline
An executive summary covering essential aspects of your technology and contrasting these findings with industry practices — delivered in language CEO's can understand to make key decisions.

CFO Technology Reconciliation
We deliver a financial assessment and analysis of your IT budget, reviewing both IT personnel and IT assets. We also document the total return on investment (ROI) for your technology and how to leverage existing spending to maximize your business objectives.

CIO Technical Scorecard
This in-depth, highly technical report provides granular detail on the components attached to the network and scores them against industry standards and best practices.

Strategic Business Review
To get the most out of your technology your IT goals and requirements must be aligned with your business objectives. By understanding your business goals we can help you leverage your IT infrastructure and investment to achieve the results you want.

Let Service Assurance develop a scalable network that improves performance, increases reliability, and provides the much-needed security needed today—and in the future.

Project Planning & Implementation
Effective network infrastructure, email, and information sharing systems are no accident. The key to technology optimized to serve your organization for years is a well-designed project plan implemented by a professional team of technical engineers.

The Service Assurance engineering team details every phase of the project including assessment, system and application architecture, integration with existing and future technology, migration of data, logistics and scheduling, and ongoing support.

After your approval of the project design, we schedule an onboarding session with you and our team of experts to kick off the project, define the workflow and establish progress milestones. You are regularly updated on the progress and any potential changes in the design or delivery schedule.

Ongoing Support
Our No Worries Networking philosophy provides you with multiple support options to ensure your technology and your people are productive. We provide:

  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Use of our online service ticket system
  • Remote access direct to your end-users device
  • On site technicians to fix your problem fast
No one in the Mid-South has as many certified engineers as Service Assurance. We're available 24/7 for your peace of mind. We hold many of the IT industry's highest certifications and authorizations. We are proud to be partnered with the world's leading technology providers to bring you the best, most affordable solutions available.


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