Why Service Assurance

Many companies view information technology as a burdensome “cost of doing business” that seems to get more expensive and complex by the day. It needn’t be that way. At Service Assurance we believe technology should work for you, not the other way around. IT must serve the strategic goals and needs of the organization. Period.

As the oldest and largest IT provider in the Mid-South we have the expertise to design and implement the IT services and solutions to match your objectives now—and in the future—to transform your business and take it to the next level.

"When looking for the right IT company, we chose Service Assurance. They have been in Memphis for more than 20 years and their experience shows. Our business is running better than ever."
—Brad Acree, McVean Trading & Investments
"Service Assurance provided their full portfolio of IT services for my business; they helped us make better use of our IT assets."
—Joan Lemons, Signet
"Service Assurance is one of our most critical business partners. We have outsourced our entire IT infrastructure and support to them and could not be happier! I highly recommend SA to all of my clients."
—Steve Dunavant, Thompson Dunavant PLC
"Service Assurance created a Technology Plan for our company's future. They documented every step; they even showed us the risks if we did nothing. These guys have the best understanding of business and technology."
—Melinda Gunn, Financial Strategy Group PLC
"Not only do we have a scalable and healthy infrastructure, our productivity has become more efficient and our performance has amplified from our technology. With Service Assurance we are spending less time on technology problems and more time on technology initiatives."
—Marvin Frick, Fullen Dock & Warehouse
"At first we called Service Assurance to resolve a number of urgent issues. Now we are working together on more complex projects and strategic business technology planning."
—Sam Davidson, FaxonGillis Homes
"Service Assurance handles an important part of our daily business and we wouldn't be able to function without it. We count on Service Assurance. They are very responsive and stand behind what they say they are going to do."
—Vicki Hass, Sutherland Cardiology Clinic
Call (901) 382-2500 today. Or send us an email: sales@sacorp.net