Car Windscreens: Handy Tips on Care and Maintenance

Did you think that a windscreen is only good for keeping bugs off your face while you’re driving? Apart from giving you a clear and unobstructed view of what’s in front of you on the road, it actually protects you from the elements as well as saves your life and prevents the roof from caving in on your passengers in case of an accident. This is why it is important to keep it in good working order.


Park in the shade as much as possible

The UK doesn’t have a tropical climate but it can still get decently hot during the summer. Parking in shaded areas, like a carport, isn’t just so you can avoid burning your behind on a hot car seat. It’s also so you won’t shorten the lifespan of your windscreen. UV rays can damage the tint as well as affect the structural integrity of your vehicle. Additionally, overexposure to sunlight will worsen even the littlest of chips on the glass. So, park under a tree or an overhang whenever you can.

Take care of your wipers

Are you seeing scratches even on new windscreens? This could be because of sand and dirt particles embedded on your wipers. Have these cleaned, checked, fixed, and replaced (when necessary) on a quarterly basis. For DIY maintenance, you can use a clean rag with washer fluid to remove any contaminants. You only need three minutes to get this done so you can easily do it while you’re refilling your gas tank.

Close doors firmly yet gently

No matter how angry you might be, you should avoid slamming the doors of your vehicle. Why? It can create strong vibrations inside your car. Over time, these can cause your side windows to come off their tracks. Slamming should be especially avoided when you have chipped windscreens that have yet to be fixed. Like with direct sunlight, this can make small chips grow slowly but surely.

Use only specially formulated cleaners

You might think that you could save money by using the same stuff that you’re applying on your home windows on your car. The problem is that ammonia-based formulas can destroy the tint which leads to additional expenses. So, stick to special windscreen cleaners that you can buy at any automotive section of any store. If you really want a cheaper alternative, use rubbing alcohol or vinegar on microfiber or cotton towels.

Get chips repaired right away

Some people wait to get windscreen repairs in Leicester for small chips. They think that it’s no big deal until it morphs into this huge crack spanning across the entire windshield. Where they could have spent only a little on a special resin to keep the damage contained, they end up having to cash out a bigger amount to have the whole thing replaced. Hence, it’s always smarter and cheaper to get little problems addressed as soon as you can.

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