Top Care Hacks to Extend the Life of Your Car

After buying a brand new Mitsubishi car, you might be planning a road trip as soon as possible. While this is acceptable, it wouldn’t hurt to take your car to undergo service Mitsubishi centres offer today. This will ensure your safety while driving. Keeping your car in tip-top shape should be your priority.

Good maintenance practice helps to extend the life of your Mitsubishi car. Below are a few tips to keep your car in great condition:

Change Car Fluids 

The minute you get your driver’s license, a lot of people have probably told you to stay on top of oil changes. It’s because oil keeps your engine lubricated. It also cools the Mitsubishi service parts inside. Failing to replace oil and filter regularly can lead to rust, reduced engine efficiency and eventually, engine failure. You should not only focus on engine oil. You should also perform periodic replacement of transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and radiator coolant. If you have a Mitsubishi with a four or all-wheel drive, remember to change the differential fluid and transfer case fluid as well. Ask any technician from a service Mitsubishi centre to help you change your car’s fluids. Technicians can help notice problems like leaks and will immediately remedy the situation.

Change Filters

Filters do a great job at keeping debris from entering the car’s engine. There are two types of filters you should remember when it comes to cars. One is the air filter and the other is the fuel and oil filters. Fuel and oil filters trap abrasive sediments that may harm the parts of your engine. Air filters, on the other hand, clean out dirt and dust in the air. You can check your owner’s manual to see when you need to replace your filters. Mechanics from any Mitsubishi service centres may recommend changing your oil filter after every oil change. But changing your air filters usually depend on the type of environment your car is exposed to.

Keep Your Car Tidy

To maintain the look of your car, strive hard to keep it clean. You can ask for a higher reseller price if your car’s interior and exterior still look fresh and new. Don’t fail to wash your car in the winter so salts from the road will not cause rust to eat holes in the metal. Keeping your interior looking neat and smelling fresh will make a good first impression when you finally decide to sell or if you are going out on a date. Sometimes, it’s the little things that really count.

Read Your Owner’s Manual 

The most effective way to be on top of your car’s maintenance is to read your owner’s manual. Don’t keep it buried under a pile of napkins, receipts and other stuff in the glove box. It contains tons of information about your car. You can read the recommended maintenance schedule inside as well as use important functions of the vehicle. Before taking your car to any Mitsubishi service centres, be sure to read your manual first.

These are just a few things to remember if you want to extend the life of your Mitsubishi car. If you want to ensure that your car is in great condition, never hesitate to have it undergo service Mitsubishi centres currently offer.  You may also visit for more details.